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modern table | ligne roset

Inspired by the experimental residential buildings from the late ’40s till the mid ’60s in the United States, we apply the idea of economic, modular architecture to a dining table.

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dress | brunner

A dynamic standing aid with a unique formal language.

The main design feature is an elastic cover made from high-tech fabric which hides the height-adjustment mechanism and simultaneously gives DRESS the pleasant appearance of upholstered furniture. The tubular-shaped fabric magically grows and shrinks in sync with each adjustment, resulting in a new silhouette for every height.

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tweet | ligne roset

The conceptional inspiration for this side-table and tablet stand hybrid comes from a birdhouse. We have chosen the birdhouse – in combination with its name Tweet – to indicate the use of the table in connection with modern communication devices like tablets, laptops and phones by referring to social media. Tweet is perfect for chats, checking email, surfing the web or watching movies.

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super kink | blå station

In 2010 we revolutionized tubular steel furniture with our introduction of Straw chair. By kinking the tube into sharp bends instead of the conventional soft curves, we created a previously unenvisaged aesthetic effect and made an audacious design statement. Now – after Straw lounge chair and Straw barstool – Straw’s big brother has arrived on the scene: the SUPERKINK!

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ficelle | ligne roset

Inspired by the smooth curves of cooked spaghetti, Ficelle is a unique poetic chair, nicely curved, fluid and light, not only visually, but also in terms of its weight, because it is made from aluminum. A beautiful design for indoor and outdoor use, which makes many dinner tables look elegant and light. Lacquered black or white, with optional seat pad.

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michael tewes

pivot | brunner

This bistro table is particularly practical thanks to its innovative horizontal roll. On one hand, it serves as a table foot. On the other hand it enables easy transport. If the table is placed horizontally, the roll rests on the floor and the table is in a stable and secure position. But if it is tilted, this folding table can be transported effortlessly.

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michael tewes

plot | brunner

PLOT is a spatial seating landscape for a very wide range of use. Inspired by cascaded formations in nature, it provides multiple sitting positions.

The unique way of connecting and arranging the identical modules makes it the perfect solution for any space or situation, be it an university setting, a hotel lobby or an airport. By positioning the elements either conventionally or more loosely they always fit perfectly to their surroundings.

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straw chair | blå station

Straw is a stackable chair constructed entirely of steel. What makes Straw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, the steel tubes have been folded. Folds and kinks are the most obvious way to deform a tube, but the contrast with the otherwise rounded shape of the tube produces a result that seems almost to have been fashioned by hand.

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BS 090129 0006

pebble | blå station

Because of their strength, their concentrated power and their unchangeable qualities, stones are the symbol for wisdom and harmony. Using the ability of stones to relax the mind and provide energy, Pebble is the manifestation of a stone as a sofa, strengthening and harmonising the user in our hectic modern life. Its functional ornament, a wire frame enclosing the sofa, holds the cushions in place and creates a line-pattern often found on stones. The whole range consists of an easy chair, a two-seater, a three-seater and a footstool.

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clip chair | moooi

Whilst strolling around a Bulgarian market, a small, foldable basket caught our attention. Single slats were beaded on ropes to form 2 hinged surfaces, which could be transformed into a curved 3-dimensional object. We improved this stunning mechanism, both technically and visually, to create a foldable lounge-chair. When open, its straight identical slats form a spacious seating space of supreme comfort. This simple design not only makes the chair highly practical, but also creates a sculptural object of outstanding aesthetic value, whether folded or open.

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abyss | kundalini

Abyss is a table lamp composed by a modular structure of injection moulded opal polycarbonate illuminated by a high voltage LED strip. This vertebrate structure allows infinite combinations of self-­standing articulated forms that seem to freely float in space. The subliminal perception of this light body evokes atmospheres of deep ocean ambience in which luminous organisms sinuously and beamingly float into the darkness.

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Layout 1

ponton | ligne roset

Inspired by an hidden pier through which reed is sprouting, the table top consists of walnut battens. The corresponding vase is placed under the table and allows the decoration of plants piercing through the surface. Another element of the ensemble are the pebble-bowls in polished aluminium and ceramics.

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