JOOP! Showroom

For the presentation of the JOOP! Fall/Winter 2012 collection during the Berlin Fashion Week, we developed a shelf-like presentation system made from wooden poles and powder-coated metal sheets. The sheets can serve as shelf boards or can be hanged like shingles to cover the sides of the structure.

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Smart has come up with a unique project in collaboration with the artband Apparatjik. A remodelled smart fortwo electric drive is covered in reflective glass discs from nose to boot, the hubcaps glitter and even the windows are mirrored. Judge for yourself that the mobile disco ball does not just cut a smart figure, it is also fully functional.

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Hilfiger bread and butter 01 copy


In order to support the main concept of the collection, which was college library, the booth was built almost entirely from 10.000 used school books. The walls of books served as shelfs for all kind of different props like trophies, maps, schematic drawings, sports equipment etc. These items underlined the 4 additional topics of the Hilfiger Kids spirit: Time of Exploration, Sports, Education and Travel.

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Corresponding to theme of the collection “Save me from a rainy day”, the booth design was carried out in real weathered materials, like rusty iron, tarnished zinc and grey sun-bleached wood. A flowing water installation took center stage, artistically illustrating the washing process of denim production.

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For the drycorn-store Berlin we created a cover for their existing changing rooms. The soft fluid shapes are inspired by a langoon and feature a gradient of blue tones. The structure not only gives a totally new feel to the boxy changing rooms, but also doubles as shelf for presenting products.

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kadewe 1


In cooperation with Fabien Dumas.

Accompanying the exhibition “Die schönsten Franzosen kommen aus New York” in the: “Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin” the Department Store KaDeWe asked for an installation in the entrance hall and for the decoration of the shop windows. The result is a 150 qm cornfield to accentuate the impressionistic art of the exhibition. In the shop windows famous paintings act as backdrops. In addition objects are taken out of the pictures and seem to levitate in air.

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Adidas Originals

The marvellous setting of Barcelona´s former stock exchange building Llotja del Mar inspired the adidas Sport Heritage Division to baptise its Fall/Winter 2007 show concept “Nobless Obligue”. The ultra classy Black and White opening looks took 750 guests on a chic international voyage; the full street wear collection was styled sophistically, making a nod to the classical 14th Century venue.
Text: adidas

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mtv designerama 2005

Fashion Meets Music. It was a glamorous occasion, not just on the catwalk but also up on stage at this MTV fashion event: Goldfrapp came to Berlin with her band to present excerpts from her brand new album ‚Supernatural‘. The perfect soundtrack to the fashion show of the designers Munthe plus Simonsen, Lala Berlin, Verdissima, Macqua and Sisi Wasabi was provided by Westham & Band

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mtv2004 logo+bild

Mtv Designerama 2004

MTV DESIGNERAMA ON STAGE 2004, is a synthesis of rock concert and fashion show. The key visual for this Gala event is tape printed with the event logo that appears in the catwalk, the event furniture, the advertisement campaign, etc.

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