Gap Chair | Blå Station

Stacking chairs are highly practical while chairs with cross or star base are considered to be more sophisticated. We combined the two worlds by making a cross base chair stackable. 

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Best of German Interior Design


We are proud and happy to be a part of the new publication „Best of German Interior Design“.

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Vlex | Becker Brakel

Formfleece is a polyester fleece material which until recently was mostly known for its use in car interiors. Its formability, pleasant touch and acoustic qualities also made it an attractive choice for the furniture industry. We used the material properties in a unique way by playing with its inherent elasticity to create a task chair.

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Iconic awards winner

Many thanks to the jury of the Iconic Awards for selecting DRESS for Brunner for another design award: ICONIC AWARDS Interior innovation Winner.

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German Design Award special

We are proud and honored to announce that DRESS for Brunner has won the German Design Award Special Mention.

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Onoffice Magazine

Very well written cover story by James McLachlan in the November issue of onoffice magazine.

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We are excited to announce our latest additions to the Brunner product range.

First, there is DRESS, an adjustable stool for dynamic postures in-between sitting and standing. It elegantly hides all mechanical parts under a high-tech knit fabric. A conference table accompanies DRESS, again its electrically adjustable table legs are covered with the stretchable mesh.

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Straw at Bauhaus Museum Berlin

We are very happy that the Bauhaus Archive has furnished the cafeteria with Straw Chairs and Tables

colorful Superkink

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to visit the booth of Blå Station at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and take a look at our latest version of Superkink.


Stockholm Furniture Fair, 4-8 Feb. Stand 18:28

PLOT receives design prizes

Plot receives the red dot award 2013: product design and the Interior Innovation Award. Both prizes are considered among the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide.

KINK collected by MAK

We are very proud and happy that Dr. Sebastian Hackenschmidt has selected the KINK Cantilever Chair for the permanent collection of the MAK.

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Stedelijk Museum collects STRAW

We are proud and happy that the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has acquired the Straw Cantilever Chair for its Permanent Design Collection.

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