For the new Berlin headquarters of the startup unicorn GetYourGuide, we designed two of their most significant spaces. One is the Townhall, the meeting point of the GYG community. It is an area where people love to hang out and an inviting platform for meetings of different sizes.

The use of amphitheater-style seating, mobile stairs, and a folding table system with integrated partitions make the Town Hall an extremely versatile location. Ideal for different usage scenarios ranging from daily lunch, informal meetings, team gatherings to weekly global broadcasts attended by 200 people.

We divided the Townhall into three areas: Forest, City, and Beach, to represent GYG's guiding expertise and used block colors for space zoning. The acoustic ceiling underlines these zones with abstract treetops, an elevated subway train, and a sky with clouds.

A special thank you for her trust and support goes to Sandra Kavelly of Lippert Kavelly Architects. She was in charge of the project management of converting the historic transformer station 'Ampere' into the headquarters of GetYourGuide.

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