Gap Chair | Blå Station

Stacking chairs are highly practical while chairs with cross or star base are considered to be more sophisticated. We combined the two worlds by making a cross base chair stackable. 

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Best of German Interior Design


We are proud and happy to be a part of the new publication „Best of German Interior Design“.

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Vlex | Becker Brakel

Formfleece is a polyester fleece material which until recently was mostly known for its use in car interiors. Its formability, pleasant touch and acoustic qualities also made it an attractive choice for the furniture industry. We used the material properties in a unique way by playing with its inherent elasticity to create a task chair.

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Piasten | Fair Booth

Fair booth design for Piasten Germany’s leading producer of sugar coated products. We created a new visual appearance for their trade show booth at ISM cologne in 2015 and 2016.

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modern table | ligne roset

Inspired by the experimental residential buildings from the late ’40s till the mid ’60s in the United States, we apply the idea of economic, modular architecture to a dining table.

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Iconic awards winner

Many thanks to the jury of the Iconic Awards for selecting DRESS for Brunner for another design award: ICONIC AWARDS Interior innovation Winner.

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dress | brunner

A dynamic standing aid with a unique formal language.

The main design feature is an elastic cover made from high-tech fabric which hides the height-adjustment mechanism and simultaneously gives DRESS the pleasant appearance of upholstered furniture. The tubular-shaped fabric magically grows and shrinks in sync with each adjustment, resulting in a new silhouette for every height.

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German Design Award special

We are proud and honored to announce that DRESS for Brunner has won the German Design Award Special Mention.

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Onoffice Magazine

Very well written cover story by James McLachlan in the November issue of onoffice magazine.

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We are excited to announce our latest additions to the Brunner product range.

First, there is DRESS, an adjustable stool for dynamic postures in-between sitting and standing. It elegantly hides all mechanical parts under a high-tech knit fabric. A conference table accompanies DRESS, again its electrically adjustable table legs are covered with the stretchable mesh.

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Straw at Bauhaus Museum Berlin

We are very happy that the Bauhaus Archive has furnished the cafeteria with Straw Chairs and Tables

colorful Superkink

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to visit the booth of Blå Station at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and take a look at our latest version of Superkink.


Stockholm Furniture Fair, 4-8 Feb. Stand 18:28

PLOT receives design prizes

Plot receives the red dot award 2013: product design and the Interior Innovation Award. Both prizes are considered among the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide.

tweet | ligne roset

The conceptional inspiration for this side-table and tablet stand hybrid comes from a birdhouse. We have chosen the birdhouse – in combination with its name Tweet – to indicate the use of the table in connection with modern communication devices like tablets, laptops and phones by referring to social media. Tweet is perfect for chats, checking email, surfing the web or watching movies.

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super kink | blå station

In 2010 we revolutionized tubular steel furniture with our introduction of Straw chair. By kinking the tube into sharp bends instead of the conventional soft curves, we created a previously unenvisaged aesthetic effect and made an audacious design statement. Now – after Straw lounge chair and Straw barstool – Straw’s big brother has arrived on the scene: the SUPERKINK!

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plot | brunner

PLOT is a spatial seating landscape for a very wide range of use. Inspired by cascaded formations in nature, it provides multiple sitting positions.

The unique way of connecting and arranging the identical modules makes it the perfect solution for any space or situation, be it an university setting, a hotel lobby or an airport. By positioning the elements either conventionally or more loosely they always fit perfectly to their surroundings.

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ficelle | ligne roset

Inspired by the smooth curves of cooked spaghetti, Ficelle is a unique poetic chair, nicely curved, fluid and light, not only visually, but also in terms of its weight, because it is made from aluminum. A beautiful design for indoor and outdoor use, which makes many dinner tables look elegant and light. Lacquered black or white, with optional seat pad.

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KINK collected by MAK

We are very proud and happy that Dr. Sebastian Hackenschmidt has selected the KINK Cantilever Chair for the permanent collection of the MAK.

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pivot | brunner

This bistro table is particularly practical thanks to its innovative horizontal roll. On one hand, it serves as a table foot. On the other hand it enables easy transport. If the table is placed horizontally, the roll rests on the floor and the table is in a stable and secure position. But if it is tilted, this folding table can be transported effortlessly.

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JOOP! Showroom

For the presentation of the JOOP! Fall/Winter 2012 collection during the Berlin Fashion Week, we developed a shelf-like presentation system made from wooden poles and powder-coated metal sheets. The sheets can serve as shelf boards or can be hanged like shingles to cover the sides of the structure.

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pebble | blå station

Because of their strength, their concentrated power and their unchangeable qualities, stones are the symbol for wisdom and harmony. Using the ability of stones to relax the mind and provide energy, Pebble is the manifestation of a stone as a sofa, strengthening and harmonising the user in our hectic modern life. Its functional ornament, a wire frame enclosing the sofa, holds the cushions in place and creates a line-pattern often found on stones. The whole range consists of an easy chair, a two-seater, a three-seater and a footstool.

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kink series

A family of tubular steel furniture with kinks. The tubing used in the furniture is not bent – as is normally the case – but rather functionally folded, dented and kinked. The chairs, tables and other furniture derive their final form and function by means of this intentional process of “damaging” the tubular steel: the process’ traces, which would normally be regarded as defects, are in fact integral to the furniture’s design.

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clip chair | moooi

Whilst strolling around a Bulgarian market, a small, foldable basket caught our attention. Single slats were beaded on ropes to form 2 hinged surfaces, which could be transformed into a curved 3-dimensional object. We improved this stunning mechanism, both technically and visually, to create a foldable lounge-chair. When open, its straight identical slats form a spacious seating space of supreme comfort. This simple design not only makes the chair highly practical, but also creates a sculptural object of outstanding aesthetic value, whether folded or open.

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straw chair | blå station

Straw is a stackable chair constructed entirely of steel. What makes Straw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, the steel tubes have been folded. Folds and kinks are the most obvious way to deform a tube, but the contrast with the otherwise rounded shape of the tube produces a result that seems almost to have been fashioned by hand.

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In order to support the main concept of the collection, which was college library, the booth was built almost entirely from 10.000 used school books. The walls of books served as shelfs for all kind of different props like trophies, maps, schematic drawings, sports equipment etc. These items underlined the 4 additional topics of the Hilfiger Kids spirit: Time of Exploration, Sports, Education and Travel.

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Smart has come up with a unique project in collaboration with the artband Apparatjik. A remodelled smart fortwo electric drive is covered in reflective glass discs from nose to boot, the hubcaps glitter and even the windows are mirrored. Judge for yourself that the mobile disco ball does not just cut a smart figure, it is also fully functional.

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Corresponding to theme of the collection “Save me from a rainy day”, the booth design was carried out in real weathered materials, like rusty iron, tarnished zinc and grey sun-bleached wood. A flowing water installation took center stage, artistically illustrating the washing process of denim production.

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Stedelijk Museum collects STRAW

We are proud and happy that the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has acquired the Straw Cantilever Chair for its Permanent Design Collection.

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abyss | kundalini

Abyss is a table lamp composed by a modular structure of injection moulded opal polycarbonate illuminated by a high voltage LED strip. This vertebrate structure allows infinite combinations of self-­standing articulated forms that seem to freely float in space. The subliminal perception of this light body evokes atmospheres of deep ocean ambience in which luminous organisms sinuously and beamingly float into the darkness.

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For the drycorn-store Berlin we created a cover for their existing changing rooms. The soft fluid shapes are inspired by a langoon and feature a gradient of blue tones. The structure not only gives a totally new feel to the boxy changing rooms, but also doubles as shelf for presenting products.

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The bent tubular steel has been heralded as the symbol of modernity in furniture design ever since the radical innovations designed by Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer in the 1920s. The industiral technique completely innovated house-hold design, and matured to an undisputed iconic element of design vocabulary. The Straw Chair pays hommage to the classic Cantilever Chair by visually and physically challenging tradition and implementing a contro-versial detail into the canon of the design: The kinked tube.

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In cooperation with Fabien Dumas.

Accompanying the exhibition “Die schönsten Franzosen kommen aus New York” in the: “Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin” the Department Store KaDeWe asked for an installation in the entrance hall and for the decoration of the shop windows. The result is a 150 qm cornfield to accentuate the impressionistic art of the exhibition. In the shop windows famous paintings act as backdrops. In addition objects are taken out of the pictures and seem to levitate in air.

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Adidas Originals

The marvellous setting of Barcelona´s former stock exchange building Llotja del Mar inspired the adidas Sport Heritage Division to baptise its Fall/Winter 2007 show concept “Nobless Obligue”. The ultra classy Black and White opening looks took 750 guests on a chic international voyage; the full street wear collection was styled sophistically, making a nod to the classical 14th Century venue.
Text: adidas

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vase plant

In nature the leaves of the bromeliad form a funnel to collect water and thus nourish the plant. The roots serve only as stabilisers in the soil. osko+deichmann transform an ordinary bromeliad (also called vase plant) into a particular object: „Vase Plant No 1“.

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mtv designerama 2005

Fashion Meets Music. It was a glamorous occasion, not just on the catwalk but also up on stage at this MTV fashion event: Goldfrapp came to Berlin with her band to present excerpts from her brand new album ‚Supernatural‘. The perfect soundtrack to the fashion show of the designers Munthe plus Simonsen, Lala Berlin, Verdissima, Macqua and Sisi Wasabi was provided by Westham & Band

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Mtv Designerama 2004

MTV DESIGNERAMA ON STAGE 2004, is a synthesis of rock concert and fashion show. The key visual for this Gala event is tape printed with the event logo that appears in the catwalk, the event furniture, the advertisement campaign, etc.

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ponton | ligne roset

Inspired by an hidden pier through which reed is sprouting, the table top consists of walnut battens. The corresponding vase is placed under the table and allows the decoration of plants piercing through the surface. Another element of the ensemble are the pebble-bowls in polished aluminium and ceramics.

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top table

The creative worker has to be able to switch between his emotional and his rational side. Our TOP.TABLE is a means to initialize this switch. To create visions of the future, you have to look further, you have to change your perspective, see the whole picture. Leaving the ground also means becoming dreamy and childlike. Which is a quality necessary to have visions.

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