Kink, Functional damage

"Functional damage" is the subject of our solo exhibition at the contemporary design gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT. On display was a family of tubular steel furniture with kinks. The tubing is not bent – as it is usually the case – but instead functionally folded, dented, and kinked.

The chairs, tables, and other furniture derive their final form and function through this intentional process of "damaging" the tubular steel. The traces of this process, which are typically regarded as defects, are integral to the design.

The series "KINK" consists of a table, chair, writing table, cantilever chair, sideboard, shelf, coffee table, and floor lamp made exclusively of tubular steel and pinewood. All exhibited objects are part of a limited edition and exclusively available at HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery.

MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) Vienna has collected the KINK cantilever chair.

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